Give Back Game

Work as a team AND give back to the community

Game Overview

The Give Back Game is a Charitable Scavenger Hunt. It sends your teams around the city to complete meaningful donations and acts of kindness for others. We combine these mini-missions with some fun and creative photo/video missions along the way.  Teams are tasked with making the most charitable and thoughtful donations to the city, the people and local charities.

Gameplay is dictated through our free game app.

Throughout gameplay, teams will be rewarded with items to fill their Give-Back-Back-Packs. At the end of the game, teams will have a full back back – filled with items that will later be donated to the nominated charity.


Give Back Game Highlights

A Charitable Excercise

Giving to charity doesn’t just make you feel good, it is also good for business.

Anyone could be in on it

The game will feature actors planted in public – teams won’t know who’s in on the action

Awesome Tech

Our unique free app will guide teams through the game to their next mission


Building your Charity Game

We’ll consult with you to build a customised team building event that donates items to your selected charity.  We split your team into groups of 6-8. Each team logs onto our app, and completes missions in the local area that all contribute to the common goal – play with a mission. 

Our staff day was a heap of fun with Banana Life. I could see it working for so many different groups of people in the future and will be recommending it to many more.

Chad Croft
Tangalooma Island Resort


We customise every event; but example missions may include

  • 10-second video of your team paying a busker and participating – bonus points for inspiring others to do the same
  • 10-second video of someone from your team telling a stranger they look great
  • Snap photo evidence of you leaving a love note on a strangers car

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