Minute to Win It

Our hilarious version of 60sec games, with a sprinkle of game shows

Game Overview

Lead by our professional MC and Entertainer, your bunch will be in stitches as we roll out 60 second challenges! Prepare to be a little outrageous, competitive, and creative.

Minute to Win It has quickly become one of our most popular offerings. We work with you to select the perfect blend of activities. Each element is designed for maximum participation, and all teams stay deeply engaged until the final scores are announced.


Minute to Win It Highlights

Lead by our professional charasmatic MCs

Our hosts are guaranteed to have your group in stitches.

Indoors and outdoors

This activity can be done anywhere – and what’s best is that we can come to you!

Content for Keeps

This activity utilises tech to supercharge your activity with unique photo/video content


We’ll Build the Game to Suit Your Needs

Generally we will split your group into teams of 5-7. We’ll include games such as Bobblehead, Cup Stacking and Tower Build.  

Content is captured using our Game app so you get to keep all Photos and Videos from the event!

“Banana Life did an amazing job, they were a pleasure to work with and the outcomes of the event met all expectations. The outcomes are immense and are worth the investment.”

Kristy Windle
Bentleys Chartered Accountants (QLD)

Team Outcomes

Short ‘playful’ games are guaranteed to have your group in stitches.

Below are some skills tested during the event. 

  • collaboration and communication
  • role delegation
  • trust and teamwork
  • leadership
  • creative thinking
  • hand-eye coordination

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