Self-Hosted Scavenger

Host your own event with our full support, from $500

Game Overview

The self-hosted scavenger challenges your group to complete a series of unique missions around ANY location. Played on your own phones, with customised content (curated by us with your help) and full tech support. We got you. 

There are some 15 mission types, which fall into 3 main categories

  • photo submissions
  • video submissions (15-30 secs)
  • trivia responses (multiple choice or exact text)

You can even provide custom trivia questions to further make the game your own!  This game can be run ANYWHERE and totally customised to suit. 




Our challenges are far more fun than basic scavenger hunt tasks. You’ll receive missions where everyone gets a hero moment. 

Professional Game Production

We’re obsessed with making your event 100% successful. From start to finish, we’ve got you covered. 

Awesome Tech

Our smartphone engine is the best in the business. We’ve partnered with The Go Game – tech built in San Francisco from the ground up.  We can control and modify everything. 


We’ll set you up for Success

It’s the same as The Go Game Classic, except it’s self hosted. We will make it super easy for you:

  • Banana Life will provide detailed pre-game consultation
  • Live chat and phone support throughout the game
  • Teams will complete Scavenger Hunt style location-based missions, fun, challenging trivia, head-to-head interteam battles and creative photo and video missions!

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Presentation of Photos & Videos

You get to view all of the awesome and hilarious content you’ve created! We’ll send you a link to:

  • An online leaderboard
  • A web gallery 
  • Scores will be sent immediately to the game organiser

“We loved running our own Amazing Race, it was definitely the best team building activity that I’ve completed! Banana Life are a great team to work with, helpful, friendly and full of ideas!

Katerina Katsikalis
Capgemini Consulting

Creative Challenges

Teams solve tasks by taking photos or making short videos. Think re-enactments of video games, movies acted with fingers or the recreation of iconic scenes.

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