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Explore new destinations and compete against colleagues!

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Scavenger Hunt and Race Formats

When you need some healthy competition to build excitement in the office, nothing does this better than an Amazing Race-style event.

There’s something special about brandishing a bandana, Google Maps in one hand, clue envelope in the other as you stroll (or run) around the City!

We have a range of Amazing Race themes to suit all fitness levels and ages.  Choose your level of intensity and your outcomes, and we can build this to suit your location. 

Is your group:

  • Looking for something interesting, fun, and unique?
  • Looking to add another dimension to your day/night event?
  • A little competitive and active?  
  • Keen to learn and discover?    
  • A little silly?  Creative and fun?
  • Budget-focused?
  • Adventurous?
  • In possession of a smartphone?

Did you or your group answer yes to any or all of the above?  

Our Scavenger Hunts formats are creative, unique, destination-focused, interactive, supportive, challenging, and designed with ‘inclusiveness’ in mind. 

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